Saturday, May 31, 2008

Special Day ! ! !

Hey hey hey. Good day, lads and gentlement. now is my turn to write something in this blog because ab rashid aka mat gatal is too, i am Along aka mr.Vain....will try my best to help rashid in publishing a blog about our family...From A t0 Z...

hehehe...can you guys wait for awhile?? we are going to the 'kenduri kahwin'. we'll be right back.

Few minutes later. We are still waiting for someone to come over Pak Ngah's house. Hmmm..While waiting for him, Jaliah and Fatin are having fun surfing the internet (myspace, friendster, facebook and yahoo). It's kinda weird here without Hafiz and Boboy la. Actually, it is ok here either with or without them. Those 2 boys are good in making havoc than helping people.

p/s : we just use our leasure to publish this blog....the main purpose is trying to create the better blog for the next time...=)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Family starts with.....


Gambar lama yang diambil di awal tahun 1970an.... Ada yang telah pergi meninggalkan kita buat selama-lamanya. Al-fatihah untuk mereka

First of all....
kitorang ada atok: Md. Arif bin hj. Rahmat.
ada nenek: Yang bte Hitam.

Pakciks and Makciks.....
Allahyarham Pak long: Nordin bin Md. Arif.
Emak beta yang dikasihi: Noriah bte Md. Arif.
Allahyarham Pak uda: Kamarudin bin Md. Arif.
: Rohani bte Md. Arif.
: Ismail bin Md. Arif.
: Ishak bin Md. Arif.
: Anwar bin Md. Arif.
: Ab. Latif bin Md. Arif.
: Aidah bte Md. Arif.
: Nabilah bte Md. Arif.
: Mohd. Firdaus bin Md. Arif.
: Salehudin bin Md. Arif.